home automation system

Support face recognition, face comparison, mask detection  living body detection, mask recognition

AI face access ATTENDANCE device

Elegant while powerful one for all control.WALTZ has integrated all smart home controls such as lightning, curtains, scenes, temperature control, air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air system, background music, color temperature, and air quality, etc. Try these amazing functions with but ONE KNX WALTZ TOUCH +PAD.

It's Fast and Non-contact Body Temperature Detection which supports light flash and voice broadcast alarm, supports Face Detection, Automatic Face tracking & measuring temperature, Digital tube display temperature, Face Capture. It can be widely used.

Thermal IP Camera

How To Get Your One-Stop Solution

A smart camera is a fashionable and creative product. In the design concept, we choose European-style, with beautiful shape; in functionality, we used many advanced technologies, like remote real-time video viewing, two-way talk, infrared night vision, and automatic alarm, and other functions. For the international market, I think will focus on the smart camera, based on the mobile Internet service platform, using advanced audio and video technology, infrared detection technology, microwave radar technology, establish smart home security systems and develop more smart security products, creating a comprehensive intelligent home life.

wifi  camera